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Homely pet boarding in Battersea and Clapham

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Bringing dog owners and carers together

101 Friends for Every Dog-Clapham & Battersea has been set up with the dual purpose of giving dog owners an opportunity to be away from home without worrying about their pets' comfort while providing dog lovers an opportunity to enjoy the company of a pet dog without the long term responsibility of full-time ownership.

We carefully select our dog carers based on interviews, references and visits to their home so that pets will be comfortable and happy. Our carers will be fully supported and insured as well as having access to us 24 hours a day via phone calls. Finally, we will arrange a visit from the dog and the owner to the carer's home to make sure that both parties are comfortable.

What we offer?

  • Comfortable and homely pet boarding
  • Complete peace of mind for dog owners
  • Opportunity to enjoy the company of pets for carers
  • Regular inspection of carers' homes
  • Fully checked and interviewed carers
  • Regular updates for owners
  • Full support and insurance for carers
  • Prior visit arranged between both the parties
  • Competitive rates
Have a look at our doggie gallery to see how happy our guests are!
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If you are looking for reliable pet boarding in Battersea or Clapham, call 101 Friends for Every Dog-Clapham & Battersea on

020 7498 1085
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